MDRC Award

The purpose of the club net is to act as a meeting place for club member shortwave listeners and other radio amateurs who wish to keep up to date with club news and events.
The net is also the place to gain points to qualify for the “Moorabbin Award”.

The award is gained by working / logging the required number of stations during our weekly club net.

The club station VK3APC   5 points
Club members   1 point
Life members   3 points

To qualify VK amateurs have to collect 15 points, non VK amateurs 5 points and shortwave listeners 7 points.

Send your log entries to:   The Awards Manager,
PO Box 58,
Victoria 3190,

We do ask for a small fee of $4 to cover postage and processing; non VK residents can send 2 IRCs in lieu.